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Before coronavirus made working from home the norm, the office was the heart of your company culture. It’s where teams would meet, work, collaborate and socialise. A few months into remote working, companies are starting to feel the absence of all these things that your office used to provide. And with a mass return to the office out of sight for a while, keeping your team motivated, happy, and working well together at home is a top priority for your business.

Here’s our advice on using what was your office budget to create an awesome WFH experience and keep your…

After hosting a wonderful workshop on Ben Free last year, we put productivity expert Phil Dobson in the hot seat to answer 5 quick questions on how he’s been managing lockdown life.

Former musician Phil, is the founder of BrainWorkshops and author of The Brain Book. Phil now works with businesses all over the globe helping leaders apply what we know about the brain to improve their performance at work. He works with clients such as The Financial Times, Warner Music, The BBC, Viacom International, Jamie Oliver, Channel 4, The Academy of Chief Executives and Facebook.

In 2016, Phil wrote…

If making your business pandemic-proof wasn’t in your business training, well, you can join the club. Since coronavirus hit, teams have been learning together how to keep a business going — and keeping everyone’s overall wellbeing in check at the same time.

Managing your team remotely during lockdown isn’t easy. You might feel that company culture and wellbeing are low on your list of priorities, but the truth is that a well and happy team is a more productive one. The same goes for your furloughed workers — if they spend their time at home taking care of their mental…

Since covid-19 made working from home the norm, businesses have been mostly making things up as they go along. And they’ve been amazing. Friday drinks on Zoom, remote offsites and wellbeing budgets are just some of the innovative ways that companies have been helping their teams through the pandemic. Now that some regulations are (tentatively) easing and the possibility of a second lockdown looms, businesses are planning how they’ll keep supporting their teams in 2021 — whatever it holds.

The ongoing uncertainty isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. But the upside of making plans now (compared to March) is that you…

That mouthful otherwise known as Christmas 2020 is definitely going to be looking a lot different to what we’re used to. Usually a month of excitement, extravagance and excess, December is the excuse we wait for all year round to dapper up and do something different.

Whilst it’s tempting to strike more plans off the calendar, the office Christmas party means so much more to people than just a knee’s up and too much food especially in 2020.

After a tumultuous year in isolation, bringing everyone together for a festive event is an opportunity to show gratitude for one another…

‘People are your most important asset’ is cliche for a reason — when you’re growing a business, the team you build can make or break your success. Suppliers will tell you that benefits are the magic solution to attracting and keeping the best people, but here’s the truth — nobody joins or stays with a company just because of their benefits. Still, benefits can be a powerful tool central to your overall people strategy.

“Suppliers will tell you that benefits are the magic solution to attracting and keeping the best people, but here’s the truth — nobody joins or stays…

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